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Journey To Spoons

I first started carving spoons in september 2018 but I’ve always had woodwork of some kind in my life, from whittling sticks at an early age with my dad to studying carpentry and joinery for 3 years in college. If I’m sawing, cutting or slicing wood, I’m happy.

I came across spoon carving through videos on Youtube from Zed Outdoors and MCQ Bushcraft and had to try it. After my first go at it I knew this was going to be a hobby that would last a long time. I becameΒ addicted to carving and that addiction has only grown since!

I work predominantly with greenwood (wood that is still wet). The wood I use comes from trees that would otherwise be used as firewood or be left to rot, generally the wood is windblown or cut by professionals. I mainly use 3 hand tools; an axe, a straight knife/sloyd knife and a hook knife, there is no sandpaper involved in my process as the tools are so sharp they leave a smooth, glossy finish.

  I love giving this material a second life as something simple, useful and beautiful.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my site!

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Any Questions? Contact me! 
Please feel free to ask me questions about anything. If you would like to know more about my process, buy something you’ve seen or commission me for a special piece., then please send me a message by filling in the form.

You can also email me directly at, or contact me via Instagram direct message. Click the instagram logo at the botttom of this page to be directed to my account.

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